SMS group/Omav Press


In 2011 OMAV signed an agreement with SMS group for manufacturing presses under SMS license. Click here!

SMS group GmbH and OMAV S.p.A. joined their experiences and points of strength for more competitive aluminum extrusion lines.

The state-of-the-art extrusion press is based on 100% SMS group engineering including quality management, tool design and software engineering.
The press will have the same standards, features, well proved suppliers of main components, technical data and performance as the SCHLOEMANN type presses made by SMS group and will get the “SMS group”-logo.
SMS group’s expert engineering for the mechanical components and structure of the extrusion press, their advanced hydraulic concept and their sophisticated extrusion software for press and process management will assure performance and process stability. SMS group at the end of the project will always keep all the documentation of the press in their files.
While OMAV SpA as the contractual partner of the customer will ensure the professional manufacturing, assembling and erection of the complete extrusion line, following all the SMS group quality procedures.
The commissioning of the press will be done by Omav personnel, already trained on field by SMS group, and dedicated to the presses.