Case history


Established in 1952, OMAV is now a leader in the production of extrusion systems, starting from the concept phase to the final product.
All extrusion plant equipment is engineered, built and installed completely by OMAV.

Using the latest and most modern technologies, OMAV supplies its customers with more than just machines: we are offering solutions for state-of-the art production facilities.

In over fifty years of experience, cooperation with some of the world’s leading extruders, OMAV has confirmed to be reliable on the entire line.

  • Profile dimensions: height = 550 mm, width = 900 mm, final cut length = 28500 mm
  • Max profile weight = 70 kg/m; max bar weight = 190 kg/m.
  • 15 meters quench system with both intensive air cooling and water spray.
    The total water consumption is 360 m3/h and the air comes from 12 fans of 55KW each to reach a maximum air speed of 55m/s.
    The water spray section is divided into three longitudinal different zones with 18 nozzles tubes each; 54 control zones, that means 54 proportional vales and 54 water flowmeters.
    The distance between the water and air nozzles and the profiles is always kept constant.
  • Length of cooling table = 62 m
  • Kevlar and rubber belts to provide a soft touch in moving the profiles through the cooling, stretching, and batch accumulation operations.
  • flying cut saw and lateral double puller with a pulling force adjustable from 200 to 15.000 N. This puller is able to run through the cooling system during the extrusion phase.
  • 500 Ton stretcher with the headstock rotating and the operation in automatic or semiautomatic mode.
  • Final cut saw for profiles up to 28500 mm with double blades so that the lower blade is able to work as a single blade in case of profiles with height inferior or equal to 250 mm.